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Jilin HOROC  Group Co., Ltd. (HOROC), located in Panshi City, Jilin Province and funded with 38.3bln yuan registered capital in 1960, becomes a large-scale multi-national group focused on nonferrous metal production & processing, new energy material development and financial capital business operation with nearly ten thousand employees so far.

HOROC is comprised with some core holding companies and many participated holding companies such as Jilin Jien Nickel Industry Co., Ltd, Chaoyang Haotian Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd., Jilin Daheishan Molybdenum Industry Co., Ltd., Siping HOROC Silver Industry Co., Ltd., Jilin HOROC Technology Development Co., Ltd., Zhongcai HOROC Industry Co., Ltd., Jilin Metal Indonesia Co., Ltd., West Ujimqin Banner HOROC Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd., Dalian Rongde Special Material Co., Ltd., Jilin HOROC Equity Investment Fund Co., Ltd., HOROC (HK) Trading Co., Ltd., Jilin HOROC Trading Co., Ltd. and Dandong HOROC Trading Co., Ltd.. Jilin Jien Nickel Co., Ltd., as the largest holding company of HOROC, listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in Sept. 2003.

HOROC is a state-level high & new tech and innovation-type company which owns state-level technology center and passes ISO9001 Quality System Certification and ISO14001 Environment System Certification and owns major products such as nickel matte, nickel sulfate, nickel hydroxide, ferronickel, nickel carbonyl, carbonyl iron, nickel chloride, nickel cathode, industrial sulfuric acid, molybdenum concentrate, silver concentrate and gold concentrate. “Jien Brand” nickel sulfate is popular at home and abroad.


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